Press and Articles


Keith Kloor’s Endeaing Love Affair with GMOs 

Kaiser Permanente Nutrition in the Past, Present and Future

This is Your Brain on Sugar

How to End Your Sugar Addiction 

Flex Your Flour Power

Seeds: Not Just for Birds Anymore

Packing a Healthy Lunch Box

Here’s Another Huge Reason to Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Alcohol is a ‘Triple Whammy’ of Calories During the Holiday Season

7 Ways GMOs Affect Health

Will Monsanto Ties Influence Nutritionists’ Stance on GMOs?

Food Politics Creates Rift in Panel on Labeling 


Nutrition Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets

Does Consuming Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners Change Taste Preferences

Carole Bartolotto:The Huffington Post

Carole Bartolotto: LA Progressive

Easy White Bean Soup with Sage

Frozen Banana Whip

Got Kale?

How to Maintain, or Even Lose Weight Over the Holidays



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