How to Eat Less on Thanksgiving Day and a Book Giveaway!

by Carole Bartolotto, MA, RD

 * Giveaway! See below for info on how to win a free copy of Michael Pollan’s Book, Food Rules.

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is the holiday we let loose and, let’s face it, binge. Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, green bean casserole, rolls with butter, and a big slice of pie can push you over your calorie cliff. Add to that sugary drinks and alcohol and you will probably consume over 2,000 calories for just one meal! Considering that 2,000 calories is more than most people need for the entire day, here are a few tips to help you eat less on turkey day.

  1. Don’t drink your calories! Sugary drinks cause you to gain more weight than other foods. That’s because they have a lot of calories but they don’t make you feel full. And they cause you to feel hungry in just a few hours. Instead, try sparking mineral water or unsweetened teas. My current favorites are Hint Fizz and Trader Joe’s Sparkling Mineral water—especially the berry flavor.
  2. Fill up on vegetables without a lot of butter or fat and salads with minimal salad dressing.
  3. Choose smaller amounts of your favorite side dishes.
  4. If you are going to someone’s house, bring along a salad or other veggie you like to make sure you have at least one healthy option to eat.
  5. Limit your alcohol intake to one drink. Not only does alcohol add calories, it also lowers your inhibitions making it harder to say “no” to that second piece of pie.
  6. Make sure to eat breakfast. If you are hungry and faced with all the yummy choices on Thanksgiving Day, it is harder to resist temptation.
  7. Go for a walk or do some other physical activity. While this will not burn off all the extra calories you consume, even trimming 200 calories can help.

Remember, the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for all the good things we have in life. Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on the problems that we lose sight of the good. Are you thankful for something? Let us all know by posting a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Eat Less on Thanksgiving Day and a Book Giveaway!

  1. love your site and the info. please keep up the good work and passing th einfo along. some of us would never know how bad the situation is, if it wasn’t for yur efforts.

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