About Carole Bartolotto, MA, RD

photo-41Carole Bartolotto is a registered dietitian who currently works with individuals, groups, and companies to improve health and support wellness through diet and lifestyle changes.

She was a senior consultant and the nutrition expert for Kaiser Permanente in the southern California region. There she was responsible for creating and updating nutrition publications, reviewing nutrition information online, and updating staff (physicians, healthcare providers, registered dietitians and employees) on diet and health. Thus, she is very up-to-date on the latest nutrition-related research that can transform health.

In addition, she has extensive experience managing health education programs and creating and implementing curricula that are evidence-based and support behavior change. She was also an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University.

Carole is a skilled educator, speaker, and writer. She has spoken at many conferences, symposia, and webinars on a variety of subjects including diet and heart disease, weight management, trendy foods and diets, healthy eating for older adults, low-carb diets, plant-based diets, sugar, prediabetes, vitamin supplements, genetically modified foods, healthcare and more.

She has written articles for Kaiser Permanente, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Food, and Civil Eats and has published articles on the plant-based diet and sugar and artificial sweeteners in the peer-reviewed Permanente Journal. She has been interviewed on radio and TV and featured in articles in Elle Magazine, CNN.com, and The New York Times. See here for more information.

Carole holds a bachelor’s degree in dietetics/nutrition and a master’s degree in exercise physiology from California State University, Northridge. Carole is on the advisory board of the Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.

She is available for coaching, consulting, speaking, and writing on diet and health. For more information, see here.

Carole can be found on LinkedIn, at www.linkedin.com/in/carole-bartolotttto-ma-rd.

You can also find her Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

What Others Say About Carole

“Carole knows more about diet than anyone in the Kaiser Permanente Southern California region.” -Dr. Joel Handler

I have been working as a nurse in health care for over 25 years. Carole is the best registered dietitian I have ever come across.” -San Luu, RN

“Best dietitian presentation I ever heard, usually puts me to sleep.” -Anon

27 thoughts on “About Carole Bartolotto, MA, RD

  1. Hi Carole,
    I just finished reading the NYT article on Food Politics Creates Rift…I practice integrative medicine in Chicago and spend the majority of my time doing nutritional counseling as it
    is the number one intervention that helps people heal from just about everything. I am friends
    with Jeffrey Smith and appear a couple of times in Genetic Roulette. I am grateful to his
    work as it added the missing piece in my practice. I now prescribe a 0% GMO diet to 100% of my patients and have been thrilled with the results. I don’t need research on GMO’s at this point. I have all the proof I need from 30 years of clinical practice. I am writing to give you my support. Keep up the good work. Educating the public with the truth is a high calling.
    Emily Lindner MD

  2. Great Blog! My family and I started eating organic foods for about 5 years now and we cut out the processed foods. Although, we just can’t escape it 100% when we are away from home, I made my home free from soy, gmo foods and all types of corn based products including corn itself. I only use olive oil and coconut oil to cook with. We are in Toronto, Canada.

  3. good morning young lady,i was checking bartolotto folks and thought i say hello and way to go helping folks with their health my name is alphonse enu bartolotto the 3rd grew up in ky. live in tn. now was woundering if ya family was tied to mine by my dads brothers .. wish ya the best thanks again alphonse

  4. As a retired RN, in healthcare for 50 years, in diverse specialties, including psych., I would like to pay you my top compliment; knowlegable & sensible.
    I’m a proponent of grow your own or buy local more than I am “organic”.
    I recently purchased some house brand “organic” honey from a national super-market chain (forgetting my cardinal rule to read the back of the label with skeptical eyes).
    When I unpacked it at home, it read “product of Brazil” and I suspect it may have been “trans-shipped” from China (which in addition to avoiding customs duties, according to the NYTimes, has been discovered to include “additives” no one would want to ingest).
    I tried to verify the organic certification on the appropriate website, to no avail.
    I tried to verify the area in Brazil which the company rep. claimed she had visited but could find no apiaries.
    I’m perplexed.

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